I am working to show  all the Way of Jesus Christ. I work closely with Him,  and He works closely with  me. While I do most of that work in obscurity, Jesus has now called me to a more public ministry,  information on that ministry is available at bejeus.life.

This home page is my testimony of my life, through, with, and in Jesus Christ.

Do you know that your life does not belong to you?

That your life is part of something much, much bigger, often called the Body of Christ.

Jesus Christ is our King and we live in His Kingdom. His Spirit is dispersed throughout the Earth, and is in the air we breathe. He is a child of our Heavenly Father, and you are too. Your spirit, like His spirit is also dispersed throughout the Earth, more so with each breath you breathe. We live in a world of spirits, breathing them in and breathing them out.

This is very good news because once you are aware that your essence is spirit, and you leave your spirit behind with every breath, you no longer have any reason to fear, and can live in faith.

Your brain and body are like a cell phone, with a limited amount of local memory and processing available to you, and an amazing connection to all the knowledge of the entire world, a connection that grows stronger as you live more like Jesus.

We all make the same mistake after coming to Earth in a new body, we begin living in a world that centers on us. In this Be Me world, we live a life of fear and stress, and make many mistakes along the way. We falsely think that we are our own, and it is up to us to make our own way to survive in what appears to be a lonely and dreary world.

And this is a self fulfilling prophecy. For as we try to make our way on our own, becoming increasing self centered and selfish, the world around us gets lonelier and drearier.

Some of us are blessed to be born to, and grow up in, a family with goodly, and even Godly, parents. This often makes it easier, for a time, to live in the Way of Jesus Christ, as those so privileged are taught from their youngest age.

Even those so blessed usually go through a season of doubt and fear, mentally and emotionally descended from their exalted family into the hell that many live in, and face a huge challenge to climb out.

This is another key fact of our existence. We all live in both heaven and hell, simultaneously. Our lives are about learning to make choices, in order to gain the understanding of these facts, so we can know a good choice from an evil one.

If you live in hell, it is due to the choices that you have made. And the same goes for living in heaven. The great gift of God is that you get to make choices, that you get to learn and progress by putting bad choices behind you and consistently making good choices.

The most fundamental choice we all face each moment is what to think. An immature person will choose to do what they perceive is best for themself at all times. A mature person will choose to do what is best for the people around, instead of what is best for themself. We are called to have the mind of Christ and think of others as Christ and choose accordingly.

When you choose to think and do what is best for others, we can and do call that love. To live in love is to constantly make other centered choices.

When you choose to do that which is best for yourself, even if it hurts others in any way, we call that evil.

Choosing good or evil is self reinforcing. The more good you choose, the easier it gets to choose more good. And evil works in the same way.

Our spirits live on something like a stairway to heaven. You can visualize it as a pyramid of stairs, one that both extends up to heaven, and also extends down to hell. You can live on top of the world, or in the deepest pit.

Some parts of the pyramid are very steep, hard to climb and easy to fall, but much of if is almost flat, so it may be easier to visualize it as a mountain surrounded by valleys.

As we all climb and descend faith mountain, we often cannot see what others see, and wonder why their way is not the same as our way. These differences are often differences of culture and religion, even as our goals are usually the same, to live at the top of the mountain and to stay out of the seemingly bottomless pit.

Each one of us has our own life, and the life of all who live on Earth. There is a multi track learning process always going on, including a way for each of our lives, a way for each distinct culture, and a way for the whole Earth.

A well documented way of progress is for the people of the Near East, that later extended into Europe. That document is called the Bible. In the Bible we find the story of the Jews and eventually the story of THE Jew, Jesus Christ. And the story of how the knowledge of Jesus Christ first spread beyond the Near East to Europe.

There are many other stories of other cultures and their encounters with God over the ages, and they may be as reliable as the Bible, but the Bible is the document that most influenced my way.

We learn from stories and experience. Learning from stories is generally much easier than learning from experience, so when you are encouraged by your parents or other authorities to read or listen to scripture, they are saying do because of their love for you, as they are encouraging the easier way.

But many of us lose faith in our parents or other authorities because we no longer trust them. We have seen them make mistake after mistake, and we have to live with the consequences of their mistakes. And some of their mistakes are intentional, and therefore not just mistakes, but sin.

So we all try to navigate a world that is full of good, as created by God, and evil, as created by sin. The atmosphere of this world is full of spirits, which are actual atoms of encoded memories, that are both good and evil. As we breathe these atoms in and out, our body must learn to  constantly discern good from evil. The encoding of these atoms is processed by our conscience, that part of us that is our very being, as that is where thoughts come from.

Your innermost existence is your thought life. In your thought life, which is your spirit life, you constantly get to choose between heaven and hell, until you are so far down the path to either that you are pretty much locked in.

And this is the great paradox of life, we are born and given what seems to be free will, that we can choose whatever we want, and even do so without consequence as a baby, for our parents will take care of our needs no matter what choices we make.

Then we start to comprehend that choices do have consequences, and that our will is not so free after all. Physically, when we touch something very hot, we get burned, and socially, when we do things that hurt others, we also face painful consequences.

In the end analysis, we always only have two choices, good or evil. And as we consistently choose good or evil, we are locking in that choice and locking out the other.

Then one day, we hopefully come to the realization that free will is the good thing that allows evil to be. All of the evil in the world is not ever from God, but the byproduct of evil choices made by those who insist on using their free will to produce evil.

The illusion of  free will is the great gift that God gives us so we can learn that we must choose Him and His Way in order to get to the top of the mountain, and not live in the pit of despair.

When you finally and truly choose God and others over yourself, you can experience a process commonly known as being born again.  A Born Again person is one who does not their will, but the will of God, which is all good.

In some religious traditions, being born again is as simple as making the commitment to do the will of God, and that's partially true, for good actions start with a good commitment to do so.

When you are truly Born Again, it is apparent to others and other spirits. You are utterly transformed so that you love all, all the time.  You not only love your friends and family who do you good, you also love those that do you evil, with the understanding thay they know not yet what they do.

Becoming Born Again involves a new childhood, as you learn to navigate a new world where everything can be seen as ultimately good. I am still in that childhood, as my knowledge is a tiny fraction of Jesus' knowledge. Please consider watching the video below to learn more of me.

Reach out to me at treyeshua gmail or on my cell phone at 214 228 6519.

And for some ancient history, this video is of as sermon/testimony I gave at The Sanctuary church in Denver, Colorado in 2014. It details some really poor decisions I made early in my life.  It was one of the first times that Pastor Peter Hiett started having congregation members speak, which he later began doing regulary, sort of like every Sunday in the Latter Day Saints. His version of the Gospel is also incredibly close to LDS, I encourage you to explore his site.

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